5 Effective Ways to Make Your Stairs Safer

23 July 2021

One core part of properties that cater to more than one level is the stairs. Stairs enable people to move from one level to another conveniently. They can likewise provide an escape route in case of emergency.

All these functions, however, can only be carried out by stairs if specific elements are present. Failure to have these elements will only promote accidents and property damages throughout their usage. They can even trap people in case of fire or other emergency incidents. And without careful consideration and planning about the stairs and their surrounding layout, they can eventually cause unnecessary deaths.

To make your stairs safer and more practical, here are some things that you need to do.

  1. Design the Tread Thoroughly

One part of your stairs that must be considered thoroughly is the stair tread. The stair tread is the horizontal part of the stairs where a person can step and walk into. Typically, this part can be made from wood, metal, and other durable materials. To make your stairs safe, your stair treads must be integrated with thin and firmly affixed coverings. They can also be paired with non-slip elements such as non-skid tapes or skid-resistant surface treatment to enhance the safety of the stairs.

  1. Integrate Handrails Properly

Another way to ensure the safety of your stairs is to integrate handrails properly. If possible, you must have functional and stable handrails on both sides of your staircases. They must also extend beyond the top and bottom of your stairs to effectively secure the people using them. As for their installation, they must be secured to walls and posts so that they remain stable throughout their use.

  1. Eradicate Tripping Hazards

The safety of your stairs will be compromised if their surroundings are full of major tripping hazards. To ensure the safety of your stairs, you must ensure that any electrical cords will be taped or pinned securely along the baseboards. Alternatively, area rugs at the top of the stairs must be removed to prevent people from tripping. Furniture pieces near the landings of the stairs must, ultimately, be repositioned so that your pathways will remain open and free from obstacles.

  1. Incorporate a Safety Gate

If you are living with small children, pets, or elderlies, then you must improve the safety of your stairs significantly. One way to do this is to add and install a safety gate. Your safety gate should be free from gaps or notches that might serve as an opening for climbing up. It must also be durable enough to refrain them from passing through easily. Just make sure that it can meet the safety regulations of your state.

  1. Implement Sufficient Lighting

One more way to make your stairs safer is to implement proper lighting around the area. Making the pathway of stairs visible can truly make a huge difference in making them safe. To make the treads visible, low-glare overhead lights must be present. Nightlights in landings must also be installed to illuminate the stairs. Ultimately, the fittings that light the stairs themselves should have similar illumination levels to the surroundings.

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