6 Good Reasons Why Homeowners Should Install Engineered Flooring

05 August 2021

Flooring plays a huge impact on the overall appeal and functionality of every home property. If the flooring does not boast great material, then it may easily become damaged, which then generates more expenses and headaches for homeowners and their respective families.

Fortunately, one material that can be perfect for the flooring solution of home properties is the engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring is generally comprised of layers of plywood-core substrate and solid hardwood veneer or skin. If you are considering this material for your home, then here are some primary reasons why you should go for it.

  1. Extremely Durable

One of the reasons why you should go for engineered hardwood flooring for your home is that it is extremely durable. Both plywood-core substrate and solid hardwood veneer or skin are known for their excellent strength and sturdiness. And with the combination of these materials, they can truly make the flooring resistant to heavy pressure, constant movement, and hefty footfall in your home.

  1. Solidly Stable

Solid wood flooring may be durable, but it can easily expand and contract whenever the surrounding temperature changes. The changes in its composition likewise happen whenever tons of moisture is present inside the property. This specific drawback of solid wood flooring is the key reason why you should opt for an engineered hardwood flooring instead since it does not react to the elements quickly.

  1. Great Compatibility

Some parts of your home may sustain a specific temperature level for a very long time, but other areas such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens may have fluctuating temperature and humidity all the time. Going for engineered hardwood flooring on the said areas is highly recommended since it does not easily react to humidity, temperature, and moisture, allowing you to maximise it for a very long time.

  1. Excellent Appeal

Even though an engineered hardwood flooring is comprised of multiple materials, it can still boast an excellent appeal that can be valuable to your home. Before, this type of flooring may be easily recognised by its faux wood-like appearance. But today, high-quality engineered hardwood flooring can already confuse anyone since it can possess the looks of real wood.

  1. Customisable

Aside from its excellent appeal, an engineered hardwood flooring can be great for your home since it can be customised. The width, thickness, length, and finish of your flooring can be customised according to your preferences. You can even opt for an engineered hardwood flooring that has different types or species of wood. The customisability of this flooring allows it to match your existing home design.

  1. Ease of Installation

One more reason why you should go for an engineered hardwood flooring is that it can be installed easily. No matter what type of flooring surface your home has, professionals can install engineered hardwood floors on your property without any problem. An engineered hardwood flooring can be placed over concrete, wood, and existing heating systems on the floor.

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