Advantages of Bespoke Cabinets from Cavanagh’s Top Cabinet Makers and Joiners

28 April 2021

Kitchen areas are essential to properties since they are intended to store, prepare, and cook food. Some properties even maximise these areas for eating and entertaining guests. To make these areas more efficient and function, certain elements must be integrated.

One of the elements that are incorporated into kitchen areas is the cabinet. Cabinets play a huge role in kitchen areas due to their overall functions and appearance. With cabinets, all tools and products that will be used inside the kitchen can be stored safely and properly. The wide array of styling options for cabinets then allows them to significantly contribute to the overall design and appearance of the kitchen. They can also come in different sturdy materials, which further supports their intended functionality.

We, at Cavanagh Corp, offer bespoke cabinets for a lot of property owners. Some of the advantages that you can get out of purchasing bespoke cabinets from us include the following:

Ensured Compatibility

The overall style, shape, size, and other physical attributes of kitchen spaces vary from one property to another. Some kitchens have huge spaces that allow big appliances to fit in. Others, alternatively, only have limited spaces that can only cater to a few elements and fixtures. Our bespoke cabinets, fortunately, can be customised according to the physical attributes of your kitchen. We hugely consider all the physical characteristics of your kitchen and produce cabinets that can fit flawlessly on your property.

Outstanding Materials

Another advantage of buying bespoke cabinets from us is that they can be created out of your chosen materials. There are a lot of materials that are used for producing cabinets. Kitchen cabinets that are being sold in furniture shops are often mass-produced, which means that they may obtain materials that are not guaranteed to last for a long time. Our bespoke cabinets, alternatively, can have materials that are durable and long-lasting. Even the finish of your cabinets can be customised according to your liking.

Ample Storage Space

Our bespoke cabinets do not only consider your kitchen’s physical attributes, but they are also designed to provide enough storage space for your needs. We allow you to find the best cabinet layout that can grant you substantial storage spaces for your kitchen tools and products. We likewise consider your preferences when it comes to the dimensions of the kitchen cabinets. Whether you want them to have wider properties or a taller appearance, we make sure that they will be granted immediately.

Customised Features

Once every basic aspect of the kitchen cabinets has been personalised, we can grant you an opportunity to add features that you truly need. Your cabinets can be built with a wine rack. Alternatively, you can incorporate rotating spice shelves to make them more functional for your property. The installation of stylised doors can also be done to ensure that your kitchen cabinets will function, look, and operate according to your preferences.

To obtain your own bespoke cabinets for your kitchen, feel free to call us at Cavanagh Corp. We are a family-owned business firmly rooted in great family values as reflected in our work. With more than 20 years of experience in both commercial and residential projects, we can deliver on a wide range of tasks from framing to roofing up to all your most detailed bespoke finishes.


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